About Lists
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Lists are groupings of similar organizations, people or deals. For example, Listed Education Companies, EdTech Unicorn CEOs, US OPM providers, PreK language learning deals, etc.

โ€‹Pre-built Lists

Pre-built lists are carefully curated and consolidated groupings built by our Intelligence Unit for specific projects. You can find pre-built list in the 'Explore' tab in organization, people and deals. You are welcome to use these groupings as starting points for your own research.

Workspace Lists
We know there are many times when users want to build their own custom Lists (e.g. to understand key players in a market or understand a competitive landscape) so we've also built the capabilities for you to create your own groupings based on your own unique criteria.
You can find your workspace list the 'Team lists' tab in organization, people and deals. Lists can be private or shared with everyone in your workspace.

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