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Build Custom Lists

Build lists of organizations, people or deals

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We know there are many times when users want to build their own custom lists (e.g. to understand key players in a market or understand a competitive landscape) so we've also built the capabilities for you to create your own groupings based on your own unique criteria.

There are two approaches to build lists.

Build a custom list - Bottom-up.

The easiest way to create a custom List of Organizations is by following the bottom-up approach. This is best when you already have a clearly defined group of organizations you want to look at together (e.g. a specific competitor set).

On the Organizations page you can Create New List by using the + icon and then Add organizations into the list one by one. The same approach works for People and Deals.

The Studio - Build your own custom datasets top-down

The Studio is a data analysis tool that allows you to filter Organizations, People, Deals, Signals and Time Series and transform the data with the help of powerful visualizations into information and insights.

Filters help you to get down to the very specific dataset you are looking for, then you can take all these Organizations, People or Deals and add them to an existing list or create a new lists but you can also save individual visualization.

Once you're happy with the list, you can save it to a New List or add to an Existing List by using the tools on the top of the page.

TIP: Don't forget to Follow your own List to receive Notifications

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