Want to receive Notifications via email?

You can simply opt-in to a daily email summary.

3 Types of Notifications

  • Following: Updates on items you are 'following' (e.g. orgs, markets, people)

  • Workspace: Updates on changes or activities in your team workspace

  • Platform: Updates on changes to the platform

2 Methods to get notified

  • Email: You can opt-in to receive a daily email notification (see above)

  • On Platform: The Bell Icon in the top right of the screen will be highlighted in red if there are notifications

Following notifications

Notifications are sent for new Developments and Deals associated to Markets, Clusters and Organizations you follow. More on how to follow here.

  • Market notifications: New Developments, New Deals

  • Clusters: New Developments, New Deals

  • Organizations: New Developments, New Deals

  • People: New Developments

Workspace notifications

Notifications are sent for activities that happened within your workspace. For example a team members,

  • Left a notes on an organization or person.

  • Saved a chart.

  • Created a new cluster.

  • Updated an organization score.

Platform notifications
HolonIQ will send notifications about new content, new features or major bug fixes.

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