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Unlocking the Power of Deals
Unlocking the Power of Deals

A quick summary of the Deals tab

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Deals are a powerful way to track investment activity by type and observe key trends. We tabulate deal activity every day and are building the world's deepest source of EdTech investment data.


When you want to visualize financial activity, we recommend visiting the Heatmap tab. Start with a broad overview to track wide-spanning trends or filter by geography, deal class, sector, and more to focus in on the most relevant information.


Head to the Investors tab to observe recent or trending activities of key investment players. This section is especially helpful when you want to see all of an organization's investments or portfolio companies.

Deal Lists

You can also make custom Lists of Deals just as you would for Organizations or People. For more information about how to make Lists, check out the Build a Custom List Help Article.

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