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Follow Markets, Lists, Organizations, People, and more to stay up to date on key developments.

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Following is a powerful tool designed to help you stay constantly up to date on the information in-platform that is most important to you.
To follow something, click on the 'eye' icon next to it.

Once you are following something, you will receive Notifications every time an update is made to that item. You can access all of your notifications by clicking the bell icon on the top right of your screen. Select the 'daily email' trigger to get all of your Notifications sent to you via email once a day.

What can I follow?

  • Markets (including Sectors, Sub-sectors, Clusters, Regions, Countries and Thematics)

  • Individual Organizations and People

  • Lists built within your workspace, including Organization, Deal, and People Lists

  • Lists pre-compiled for you by our Intelligence Unit, available under Organizations > Explore

Following is intended to help you stay up to date in real time with the items on the platform that are most important to you. Following is personal, it's just for you and not visible to anyone else.

Don't forget to dive into other personalization tools like Starring, Bookmarking and Dashboard.

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