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The Dashboard is where you start your work every time you access the platform. It contains real-time updates, summaries, and shortcuts to your most recent & important items.

Each Workspace you are a member of has its own customizable dashboard. You can add, remove and re-arrange widgets that are relevant to the work you do in that Workspace.

Creating a Dashboard

You can create as many Dashboards as you would like by clicking [+New Dashboard].

You will be prompted to name your Dashboard. And also have the option to share/publish the Dashboard with the members of your Workspace.

Setting Default Dashboard

When one team member creates a Dashboard, it can be set as the default Dashboard by members of the Workspace. Make sure the Dashboard is published in order to have that option.

Cloning a Published Dashboard

Alternatively, team members have the option to clone a published Dashboard to personalize, adjust, and add widgets as needed.

Dashboard Settings

Once a Dashboard is created, use the Settings icon to make changes.

You'll be able to move a Dashboard across workspaces. Unpublish, delete, or change the name of a Dashboard as well.

For more on setting up, or adjusting your the widgets on your dashboard. Check out Widgets help article.

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