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Widget Tips/Best Practices

Widgets are the most important aspect of Dashboard customization. There are several different ways you can set up your widgets. Here are the three most commonly used examples:

1. General Market Developments via Industries or Countries

You can also created a widget for developments in a broader Industries or Countries page.

To understand filtering capabilities:

2. Filtered Developments Dataset

You can apply filters in the Developments dataset to start creating basic widgets.

Refer to the 'What is a Development?' page. To see the full list of our Development Types and Categories with definitions of each.

3. Competitor/Peer/Target Developments via Lists

Whether it be a list of organizations built by yourself or HolonIQ - a widget, only as it relates to the organizations on a List, can be created.

Editing Your Widgets

Once a widget is created you have the option to clone, remove, or edit the widget.

With the Edit function, you will be able to change the filters used to populate the widget.

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