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Making the most of your Team Workspace to power collaboration and workflow.

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HolonIQ is built for teams to power decisions that matter and everything we do on platform is within the context of a Team Workspace. When you log in to the HolonIQ Platform, you are already within your team Workspace, with other members of your organization who are also using the platform.

Check your Workspace Settings

In Workspace Settings (top left menu bar) you can see who else is in your team Workspace, a list of downloads and remaining credits, documents that have been uploaded by team members, and this is where you can download any notes made by team members.

How can I best use my team Workspace?

Workspaces allow teams to, well, work as a team! In your workspace, you can:

  • Build lists together - when you build a list of organizations, for example, you can choose for it to be visible only to you, or to your team in the Workspace

  • Build and share Dashboards - when you build a dashboard, you can choose to publish it to your workspace. The dashboard and it's widgets can be cloned or made the default dashboard for your team in the Workspace

  • Rate items - when you build your own Rating Rubric for organizations, people or countries, the criteria applies to the Workspace, so you might want to chat with your team members about building a scoring rubric!

  • Make Notes and Upload Documents - If you or anyone else in your team leaves a note on an organization, person or other data item, all those in your team Workspace can see these notes and files (and they will get a Notification too)

  • Team Workflow - the Workspace structure allows teams to manage workflow together. For example, in Market Maps, teams can build their own segmentation of a List, and the Kanban feature allows allows teams to move organizations through stages that fit your workflow.

Should I have multiple Workspaces for my company?

Each subscription level has a different number of Workspaces. If you're a large organization with multiple, discrete business units, setting up separate Workspaces is recommended. Many customers have discrete workspaces for different teams such as Strategy/M&A, Marketing/Sales and Product. Contact your Account Manager to explore setting up additional Team Workspaces.

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