What is a Signal?

Understand Signals

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Every day, HolonIQ's proprietary search engines pull hundreds of thousands of Signals from over 50,000 sources. From Signals, we build Developments, which are industry-impacting events that reflect market patterns and trends.

We've opened up our database of over 100 millions of Signals so you can analyze them to surface emerging trends, do competitor analysis, reputation management, and more. Signals are a powerful way to zoom into hyper-specific topics and insights and zoom out to track trends and themes in aggregate.

Zoom in:

Click on the 'Signals' button on your left side navigation bar and use Advanced Signals Search to harness boolean and surface priority topics, themes, or players. Once your search is generated, we'll pull out trending keywords, coverage volume, key quotes and datapoints.

Once you have generated a list of results, you can click into any original source material to read more. You can also build a Signals List and download as a CSV.

Zoom Out:

Head into the Studio and select the Signals dataset to visualize trends or topics over time. In the Studio, you can track news coverage by volume over a specific date range and even track Sentiment.

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