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What are Time Series?
What are Time Series?

Measuring changes of numerical values over time.

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A Time-series is any trend or count of data over time. Each series tracks a specific measure at different points in time, say for example the temperature at any given hour, or the average each day, week or year. Or enrolments, admissions, expenditure, funding, GDP, population... basically anything you can measure or calculate over time.


HolonIQ is indexing public and proprietary datasets with time-series built in to help our customers with the usual time-series challenges.

  • Difficult to find and time-consuming to extract good time-series data

  • Messy, fiddly and time-consuming to quickly visualize and compare

We're developing ways for you to quickly find and identify trends.

Custom Dimensions

Every time-series we index is mapped to the standard HolonIQ industry, geographic and thematic taxonomies. Use the standard filters to find all time series based on those criteria.

Custom Dimensions

Time-series can include historic data and also forecast data or even scenarios to project the time-series out into the future. One specific measure such as population can also have many variations, eg

  • Age Category

  • Gender

  • Geographic Regions

  • Forecast Scenarios

Where possible we map these custom dimensions for each dataset to explore all the various dimensions to explore the dataset.

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