A Market Development is a significant event or incident, at a particular time, that marks a strategic milestone or strategic development in a market, sector or geography.


HolonIQ classifies each Market Development into one of the following types

  • Corporate. Includes the acquisition of a company or an IPO.

  • Funding. Such as venture capital, private equity, grants or other forms of financial funding of an organization.

  • Incident. Generally negative events such as layoffs, bankruptcy, fraud.

  • Initiative. A project or initiative (not a product event).

  • Market. Includes developments such as market entry.

  • Partnership. Joint ventures, public-private partnerships, corporate partnerships or other forms of partnering between two organizations.

  • People. Executive appointments, key hires, senior promotions and other leadership developments.

  • Policy. Regulatory and policy intentions or announcements.

  • Product. New product announcements, product discontinuation or major product developments.

  • Recognition. Awards and other forms of recognition.


Each development is assigned an 'impact' rating of Minor, Medium or Major. These ratings are absolute global ratings and are not relative to each market. The following general guide applies to impact ratings:

  • Major. Major development are often considered significant events across more than one region and/or sector. They have global or multi-region impact either directly or indirectly.

  • Medium. Medium developments are significant within one region or sector.

  • Minor. Minor developments impact certain countries and sectors or sub-sectors specifically. They may mark a small but important milestone.


The general market sentiment of a development is classified as positive, negative or neutral. This reflects overall sentiment, given that specific sentiment will vary for different parties e.g. a regulatory development can be positive for some and negative for others.

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