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A brief guide on the Weekly Press Search for HolonIQ's Global Research Community

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The Weekly Press Search is a short project conducted each week by HolonIQ's Global Research Community. Each week, HolonIQ research contributors conduct approximately one hour of research on an agreed country/region/industry to find key market developments that have happened throughout the week.

Once a research contributor has opted-in, they will receive an email briefing each Thursday outlining the key areas to research. These areas do not change from week to week.

The weekly press search is due for submission by Sunday night in your local timezone by replying to the weekly email with English headlines and links from your press search.

Contributors target a minimum of 10 high-quality news articles that focus on key events and important market developments that have occurred in the current week for full credit and payment. Our press search quality ratings below provide guidance on how we rate submissions and the credit paid out based on those ratings. Contributors receive a weekly press-search rating and payment in full on the Monday following submission.

Weekly bonuses will be paid for very high-quality submissions from time to time.

Press Search Quality Ratings




Five Stars


10+ news articles evenly spread across focus areas representing 10+ different market developments.

Four Stars


Approximately 10 news articles evenly spread across focus areas.

Three Stars


Less than 10 news articles evenly spread across focus areas on 10.

Two Stars


Less than 5 news articles on a number of developments.

One Star


Less than 5 news articles on at least two developments.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to become a HolonIQ Global Research Contributor.

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