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Getting started in the Studio
Getting started in the Studio

An introduction to HolonIQ's Analytics and Visualization Engine

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The Analytics Studio is HolonIQ's proprietary data analytics and visualization engine. It is a dedicated and immersive space inside the platform for building deep insights and exploring global market intelligence.

The Studio was developed in-house by our data science team to help our customers build deep insights rapidly by taking out the time to extract, transform and load data into third-party tools like Tableau and to immerse our customers in the next generation of advanced analytics and visualization tools.

Saved Charts

Teams can save visualizations they build and share with other users in their workspace with saved charts.

Pre Built Ideas

The Intelligence Unit saves interesting and popular visualizations as ideas for our customers as a fast way to get straight to an insight and adjust the analysis to suit your own preferences.

Basic Guide

Building your own visualization from scratch follows a few simple steps.

Step 1. Pick a Data Type

You can select from analysis of organizations, people, deals, signals and time-series data.

Step 3. Build your Search Criteria

Use the filters for each data type to search for your criteria.

Step 4. Select a Chart Type

The analysis will always show in a table first to get a feel for the data and provide feedback for your filters. Once you have the data you are looking for, choose a chart type to start visualizing the data.

Step 5. Design your Chart

Pick from a variety of design preferences such as which variable to color the chart by, which variable to size the chart by and other design preferences.

Step 6. Inspect the Legend

Finally, check the legend to better understand the visualization.

Dark Mode

Before you get started, you might like to consider Dark Mode which is popular for working in the Studio. Shift+D will toggle between Light and Dark mode to suit your preference.

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