Hi there, welcome to HolonIQ!

If you are new to HolonIQ, start here and browse through the articles in this section to get an overview of the fundamental concepts you'll need to get an overview of HolonIQ. 

In addition, we have created additional training resources to help you understand the HolonIQ platform and use cases. Please follow the steps below to get started: 

1. Activate your account

You should have received an email from HolonIQ titled, “You’re in. Welcome to HolonIQ!”.  Click on the activation link in that email to set your password. Please check your Spam folder if you haven’t received this, or reach out to [email protected] if you need further help. Your activation link expires in 5 days, so please take a moment to check your email now.  

HolonIQ is supported on the most recent desktop versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. You will not be able to access HolonIQ on other browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari, or on a mobile device. Download Chrome or Firefox here. 

Once your account has been activated, you can log into HolonIQ at my.holoniq.com. We recommend adding that link as a bookmark in your browser.


2. Finally, log into HolonIQ and start playing around

We encourage you to create your own analyses in HolonIQ as you follow along with the tutorials. To do so, log into HolonIQ at my.holoniq.com. 

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