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Software Requirements & Supported Browsers
Software Requirements & Supported Browsers

Ensure you have the optimal technology setup for the HolonIQ platform

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Operating System Requirements

HolonIQ supports the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS 10.9.x or higher

  • Windows 7 or higher

Browser Requirements

HolonIQ supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11, and Microsoft Edge.

You may experience degraded visuals in Internet Explorer. IE 10 and below are unsupported due to their lack of support for CSS Flexbox Layout. These browsers were deprecated by Microsoft (end of support) in January 2016.

The browsers have autoupdates enabled by default, but to manually update, please see here for instructions to update Chrome and here to update Firefox.

Note: HolonIQ may work on unsupported operating systems and browsers, however we are committed to fixing bugs only for supported browser/OS combinations. 


Hardware requirements for optimal experience

GPU*Dedicated, 1GB+
CPU2GHz+, Dual Core+

*A dedicated GPU is the best way to ensure good performance with HolonIQ. Integrated graphics may cause issues since HolonIQ can be graphics intensive.

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