What is in the Government Contracts Dataset?

Climate, Education and Health Government Contracts for over 50 countries worldwide with 10+ years of history.

Government Contract Data is in prototype and planned for release in Beta for Q4 2022.

What are government contracts and how does public procurement work?

Governments are the major purchaser of products and services in climate, education and health around the world including government agencies, local (municipal) bodies, and public institutions such as schools or hospitals. With nearly 20% of GDP worldwide accounting for government spending, public procurement is a substantial part of the global economy.

In most markets around the world, public procurement is a transparent process and after initial publication, each public tender is open for application by companies for a certain time period. After the deadline, the applicants’ offers are evaluated and the tender is awarded to one or more companies.

What contract data is indexed and how do you source the data?

HolonIQ is currently indexing 10 years of government contracts in climate, education and healthcare, currently standing at 14 million contracts with North America, Europe and Asia representing the majority of the index.

Government contract data is obtained directly from primary sources: government websites, information portals and other online publications. Data from different countries and governments is structured into a standardized format and mapped to HolonIQ's geographic and industry taxonomies.

Every contract is mapped to a specific vendor firm, include 8,000+ listed companies (stocks with tickers).

How will I be able to access Government Contract Data?

Contracts will likely be a new menu item in the Core Data section and provide users with a global feed and powerful filtering on many dimensions.

Contracts will also be listed within the issuing government country and state profiles as well as the contract awardees and their contract portfolio over time.

The Studio will allow for filtering and visualization of contract trends over time.

Dashboard widgets will be developed to provide a feed of contracts to follow specific vendors, geographic or industry markets.

Country Coverage

Coverage varies in different countries by depth and frequency of reporting. The primary country sources are as follows.

North America. US, Canada, Mexico

Latin America. Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay

Europe. Eastern Europe (UK, FR, DE etc), Russia and Ukraine

Asia. Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Korea, Philippines and Singapore.

Data Coverage

Coverage varies by source but typically includes.

Contract Title

Contract Description

Timestamps (Award, Delivery etc)

Contract Meta Data eg Fixed Price, Competitive Tender etc

Industry Classifications (Common Procurement Vocabulary and HolonIQ classifications)

Country of Issue, Award and location of Works/Place of Delivery

Contracting Entity Information (Government)

Contract Value (Local and USD)

Company Information (inc Websites, Stock Tickers, Parent-Child Relationships)



Further information will be released in the Beta, in late 2022.