Tracking an organization's relationships

Relationships are one of the most popular features for understanding the connections and networks of your competitors, partners, and targets. They are built off of our Developments dataset so you can search relationships directly through the Briefings tab or via Organization profiles.

Build a partnerships Briefing

To synthesize all the latest relationships taking shape within a segment or geography, head to Briefings > Developments and set the topic to 'Partnership.' You can also adjust Sector, Sub-Sector, Cluster, geography, and time range. This is a great way to track specific market activities and combine together to understand trends and emerging models.

Track key Organization partnerships

You can also focus in on specific competitors, prospects, or partners by pulling up their Organization profile through search. In the profile, you will see any strategic activities linked to them via Developments - you can dive into each individually to learn more or jump into the Relationships sub-heading to look at everything tagged to the one entity.