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Monthly Web Traffic Stats

How to interpret monthly web traffic stats on organization profiles

HolonIQ build our own traffic estimates using machine learning to compare known self-reported traffic with a number of third-party sources, all of which use different techniques and have varying estimates. The web traffic statistics are for the domain of the website e.g. the statistics for a website www.example.com will be shown for all websites using the domain example.com.

All numbers are calculated based on the last 30 days and the stats are refreshed once a month, throughout the month.


Traffic estimates are sourced for up to 1 million websites from up to four different sources.

Amazon Alexa web traffic estimates are based on a global traffic panel. The panel is used as a statistical sample of Internet usage to extrapolate overall traffic patterns and web usage information.

Quantcast traffic estimates are based on the number of people in the United States who visit each site within a month. It includes sites with estimated traffic as well as sites with traffic that Quantcast has independently verified. Quantcast directly measures site traffic through the implementation of the Quantcast asynchronous tag on each web site.

Majestic traffic estimates are based on the most referring subnets.

Umbrella is based on net sum DNS queries across the globe.