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Manage Users
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Inviting New Users

Users have the ability to remove and reassign logins as the admin of a HolonIQ account. By clicking "Manage Users" on your profile dropdown, you will see a list of your current users and the total number of seats available (screenshots below).

If all seats are not allocated, you will have the option to "Invite Users" to the HolonIQ platform. After entering their email address, the new user will receive a password reset/welcome email.

On this page, you also have the option to make other users the Admin of your account.

If the invited user does not receive the password reset/welcome email in your Inbox, please check the spam folder. If the activation is never received, please reach out to your account manager.

Reassigning Logins

If all logins have been allocated and you would like to reassign a seat, you must first remove the user that will be replaced. Once removed, you will have the option to "Invite" the intened

Adding New Seats

If more seats are required, you will have the option to "Buy More Seats" and your account manager will be in contact. Feel free to reach out directly.

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