In the first half of 2021, our product team undertook a massive platform transition that laid the groundwork for even more expanded functionality and data depth for months and years to come. This included the expansion of our HolonOS technology, Signals dataset, Custom Briefings, and more.

In the Q4 release, we are continuing that evolution to drive personalization and team collaboration, data analysis and synthesis, and target evaluation.

Personalization and team collaboration

  • With the great ocean of data available in Organizations, Deals, and People, sometimes took multiple trips to the Studio to build the data cuts you need. Therefore, we've simplified the process by integrating much of that functionality directly into the core dataset views.

  • New sorting and filtering tools help you get the most relevant information faster, save it, and share it with your team.

    • Starring is now collaborative with up-vote capabilities so priority entities are easy to find and always on your team members' radar.

    • Bookmarking was added for your own private entity saving.

    • Follow remains a great tool to get regular updates of any changes.

  • HIQ picks - now you can see the Organizations our Intelligence Unit is keeping a close eye on and add those to your Lists.

Market Sizing Consensus

  • Building on our expanded Market Sizing index of over 900 external estimates, we're introducing powerful new features to analyze and compare across different metrics. This is a great place to head to understand what geographies or segments are seeing the most growth and compare opportunities.

    • List view: filter by segment or geography and build Briefings.

    • Chart view (available for Executive subscription and above): map together to compare by years, geography or Sectors, Sub-sectors, and Clusters. Analyze spread, estimate medians, remove potential outliers - all in your control.

  • In the next release, we are significantly expanding the Market Sizes built in-house by our Intelligence Unit to include greater segmentation and more modularity. More to come in 2022!

Expanded Signals

  • Search over 140M Signals in under a second.

  • In addition to Signals Lists and advanced visualizations in the Studio, we've added new functionality to surface the most important insights, instantly:

    • Coverage volume over time

    • Popular keywords with mention stats

    • Easier access to trending popular quotes and datapoints


  • Scoring is now Ratings and includes far more dimensionality and customization for your whole workspace.

  • Rubrics can be built for Organizations, Countries, People, and now Clusters.

    • Create an unlimited number of rubrics (not just one per workspace per entity type) with an unlimited number of criteria.

    • Build your own indicators and band categories for high, medium, and low.

    • Rubrics are saved within Ratings so you can easily track and update.

  • Ratings functionality is more intuitive, with simple sliders replacing thumbprint.

  • Choose from Ratings templates to help build your own.

  • Ratings Radar: new powerful visualization tool that helps you map entities across two different Ratings for added dimensionality and analysis.

    • Plot entities along 2 different rubrics in X and Y axis for even deeper dimensionality and comparison.

    • Adjust entity Ratings within the Radar for in-flight iteration.

    • Compare team Ratings.

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