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Market Sizing Consensus
Market Sizing Consensus

An overview of our index of hundreds of external Market Sizes and advanced visualization tools.

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In addition to the proprietary Sector, Sub-sector, and Cluster Market Sizes built in-house by our Intelligence Unit, we've indexed over 900 external market estimates. You can view this index as a List and dive into each in Development format or go to Chart view for deeper analysis.

Build a Market Sizing Briefing

Jump to Briefings > Developments and set the topic to 'Market Sizing' to view the complete list of Market Sizes. You can filter even further by Sector, Sub-Sector, Cluster or Geography and build a Custom Briefing to review and compare a key group of estimates.

Chart view (available in Executive subscription and above)

The Market Sizing Consensus chart view is one of the best ways to compare estimates from different industry players and evaluate market or segment growth. Map by Value (dollar), Volume (number), or CAGR (growth) and compare year-over-year, thematically, or geographically. Additional filters help you map only the years, segments, and geographies that are most relevant to you.

Mapping and plotting

When several similar sizes are grouped together, use the blue bars to track highest, lowest, and median estimates. Use the value range to eliminate potential outliers and Log to expand the view 10x and better compare larger data ranges.

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