Today marks an important milestone in the ongoing development of HolonIQ's Intelligence Platform. The 1H 2021 release is influenced by hundreds of customer suggestions and feedback we received through 2020. Behind the scenes, it also represents a significant improvement to the underlying architecture and technology stack, to support an ambitious platform roadmap.

The 1H release will roll out in full over the month of June and we'll update this note as we go. Your account manager is available to walk through the key user experience changes and to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas to power the product roadmap for 2H 2021 and beyond.

Use Cases

HolonIQ is now supporting a broad range of use cases at the world's most forward-thinking organizations. From strategy and leadership, investment and acquisitions, partnerships and procurement, sales and marketing or brand and communications, we've strengthened core tasks to power decisions that matter.

  • Personalization. Starring, Following and Private Lists

  • Workflow. Sidebar Preview, Grid/List View, Bulk Actions, Kanban & Market Maps.

  • Markets. Clusters, Thematics, Geographies

  • Analytics Studio. Workflow, New Filters, Auto-Save

  • Developments. Updated taxonomy, better smart briefs

  • Signals. Advanced search, stock detection engine, sentiment analysis

  • Reports. Keyword search, advanced filtering, one-click download


Star. ‘Shortlisting’ is now ‘starred’. It’s a simpler and faster way to keep track of items and issues that are important to you. Look out for the ‘Stars’ and use the “Starred” menu to see everything across the platform you have starred in your research. Starring is personal, it's just for you and not visible to anyone else.

Follow. Follow an item to receive notifications on developments or notes your team leave. From Countries to Clusters, Regions to Sectors, even individual orgs or people, Following will drive real-time notifications on-platform and be included in your daily email if you have it activated. Following is personal, it's just for you and not visible to anyone else.

Personal Workspaces are now Private Lists. Workspaces are for teams and within a team workspace, you can now create private lists, instead of having to work across multiple workspaces and switching back and forth. They will show up with a ‘lock’ so you can see at a glance which of your lists are private just to you. If and when you would like to share you private lists with your team, you can.


Sidebar Preview. We’ve introduced a right-hand sidebar that allows you to preview information on organizations, people, deals and developments, without leaving the page you are on. This means you won't lose your place or end up with lots of tabs. You can collapse and expand the sidebars with keyboard shortcuts (left and right brackets [ ] )

Grid + List View. We’re giving you the power to choose between the view that suits you the best. Sometimes that’s in Grid View with items as cards in and sometimes that as a list you can quickly scan down.

Bulk Actions. In list view, you can now select multiple items and action them all in bulk. That might be to bulk Star, bulk Follow or to Create a List from the selected items.

Workspace Clusters are now Lists. Your personal and team clusters are now and more simply called 'Lists'. You can build and share lists of organizations, deals and people to track them together and discover powerful insights about the list in aggregate. You can star and follow lists, receive notifications on changes to the list.

Kanban. Every organization list you build has a Kanban board built-in which is now faster and smoother. Kanban allows you to create workflow process and move organizations through your workflow.

Market Maps. Every organization list also has faster pre-built market maps across 8 dimensions, such as Sector, Region, Business Model or Revenue. Market Map functionality allows you to build your own custom market map categories.


Markets brings together data and insights on key topics, including geographies, sectors and thematics. Markets are like real-time reports on the key players, developments and trends shaping the future of each market.

Clusters. We’ve moved HolonIQ's open-source taxonomy into the Markets section, closer to Sectors and Sub Sectors to put such categories into one place.

Thematics. We’re introducing a whole new dimension to the platform with Thematics. Thematics cover emerging themes and issues that cross geographies and sectors.

Countries. We’ve added more metrics like GDP, population and scoring to explore countries. Your team can now score countries against your own custom weighted criteria. This has been a popular request for market entry and country prioritization use cases.

Analytics Studio

The Studio is HolonIQ’s advanced analytics engine, helping you surface and understand global data. The Studio is transforming the way customers use data to power decisions that matter.

New Workflow. Following the rest of the platform, start with your ‘Team Charts’. ‘Explore’ pre-saved charts and ideas built by HolonIQ’s Intelligence Unit and start your own at any time.

New Filters. We’ve updated the Search tab to include new filters and a simpler layout.

Auto-Save. As soon as you start a new analysis, your charts will be auto-saved. You can follow an interesting thread or leave your work without fear of losing your place.

Save-As. If you’ve started modifying a pre-saved chart, you can now ‘Save-As’ to create a new, updated copy of your work.


New Development Taxonomy. Developments are a major focus for our product roadmap and machine learning, so we’ve expanded from 8 core development types to 10 development categories with 34 detailed development types. They range from policy, product, partnership to investment. Find the new taxonomy here and check it out on platform.

Better ‘Smart Briefs’. Across the platform, from markets to your own personalized lists, we’re building ‘Smart Brief’s’ that surface the most recent and most important developments for the area you are looking at.


150K Signals per day. We’ve massively expanded the signals index, adding 150,000 new signals from around the world (in English only for now), every day. In seconds, you can search through millions of press releases, news articles, wires and blogs to monitor reputation, brands, trends and competitors.

Advanced Search. Use our advanced signals search to combine powerful filters and find trends.

Stocks.Our stock detection engine automatically identifies the mention of stock tickers in signals.

Sentiment Analysis. We’ve updated our sentiment algorithm to score signals on sentiment from -1 for negative sentiment to +1 for positive sentiment. Signals scored between -0.1 and +0.1 are considered neutral.


Reports. Reports are now all together in one place. Click the reports menu for both the public report index and HolonIQ reports. Search for specific reports using key words or filter by geography, sector, sub-sector, thematic or cluster to surface the reports of interest.

One-Click Report Download. Download reports in one click from the report browser.


Filtering. We’ve started a complete rebuild of our Datasets and Timeseries Index. Filter and Star Datasets and Timeseries to power your own research.

Timeseries Grid. New powerful view to quickly scan hundreds of timeseries based on your own search criteria.

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