All numbers are calculated based on the last 30 days and the stats are refreshed once a month, throughout the month. We build our own traffic estimates using a number of different sources and sampling techniques. The statistics are for the domain of the website eg the statistics for a website will be shown for all websites using the domain

No one outside an organization can be exact about website visits and all website visit estimations are made using sampling and machine learning techniques or by the company providing their website stats externally.


  • Visits: total visits in the last 30 days

  • Rank: against all domains in the web

  • Rank Change: compared to last 30 days

  • Pages/Visit: Number of pages visited on average for each visit.

  • Pages/Visit Change: compared to last 30 days

Here an example:

Visits: 88.7K - this organization is estimated to have had 88,700 total visits to the website in the last 30 days.

Rank: 119.7K - As ranked by number of estimated visits, this website was ranked 119,700 out of all websites in the world. It's estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist but this changes daily.

the -36.1% above the Rank - means that compared to the last 30 days this organization's rank has declined by 36%. Website visitation is very seasonal and this includes global statistics.

Pages/Visit measures the number of pages visited on average for each visit. This is measured by total pages visited for the last 30 days, divided by the number of total visits for the last 30 days. Where single users repeatedly visit sites and do not visit any further pages, this will sometimes provide a number less than 1, indicating that a large number of users do not explore the site beyond landing and leaving.

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