A very handy tool that is available for Markets, Lists and Organizations s is Following. This is definitely a favorite feature of our most active users. They're following several topics to make sure they're connecting the dots before anyone else on their team.

So when you start exploring, make sure you set up your Following.

1. Set up your Following
2. Receive Notifications
3. Opt-in to a daily email summary

1. Set up your Following

You can follow groupings by clicking on this eye icon. This means that you are receiving notifications if a development or deals is added in this area.

You can follow:

  • HolonIQ pre-built markets (regions, countries, trends, landscape clusters)

  • Your own clusters (lists or organizations)

  • Individual Organizations and People

2. Receive Notifications

Once you've built your following you will receive Notifications for Developments or Deals for all organizations in this group. Your Notifications are available behind the bell icon (top right corner).

3. Opt-in to your daily email summary

If you do not use the platform on a daily basis, we’d also recommend Opting-in to a daily email summary of all your notifications. You can do that top right corner by clicking the notifications icon and switchin on the daily email.

Note: Following is available to users in the Expert Subscription and higher subscription plans.

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