If at any time you see a particular organization that you wish to shortlist and easily find again later, simply click the shortlist button at the bottom right of an organization's card.

When you shortlist an organization, it will be automatically added to the red shortlist, unless you select a different color. You can select out of 5 available colors, each a different shortlist.

You can remove an organization from a shortlist, or change it to a different shortlist by clicking the shortlist button again.

Shortlisting does not require you to look up a list to add the organization to. This makes your shortlisting process faster and speeds up the research process.

How Organization Shortlists Work

  • The organizations that you shortlist are going to be added to your own personal colored shortlists automatically.

  • No one else can see your shortlists. Not even team members from your workspaces. Shortlists are entirely private and secure.

  • The red shortlist is enabled by default, for the sake of speed and convenience as your primary shortlist.

  • Each color corresponds to a different dynamic shortlist, this gives us more than one shortlist to work with.

  • An organization can be part of only one colored shortlist, hence you can’t have the same organization in two shortlists at the same time.

Finding Your Shortlists

You can find your organization shortlists on the Organization page, under the shortlist tab and also on the Shortlist page under the Organization tab.

Each Shortlist can be renamed and the name of each Shortlist will appear when you are shortlisting to remind you of the specific name each colored Shortlist has.

Example Use Cases

Shortlists are the fastest way to build bottom-up lists of organizations as you are exploring the platform.

As Shortlists are private, they also allow you to review and refine each shortlist while the list is only visible to you.

Once the shortlist is ready to share, you can merge the shortlist into a cluster so that your team can also review the list.

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