Want to receive Notification via email?

You can simply opt-in to a daily email summary.

Different Types of Notifications

  • Following: Updates on Developments and Deals

  • Workspace: Updates on team activities

  • Platform: Updates on Features and HolonIQ Intelligence

Users are getting notified on the Platform (bell icon top right corner) and can opt-in to a daily email digest.

Following notifications

Notifications are sent for new Developments and Deals associated to Markets, Clusters and Organizations you follow. More on how to follow here.

  • Market notifications: New Developments, New Deals

  • Clusters: New Developments, New Deals

  • Organizations: New Developments, New Deals

  • People: New Developments

Workspace notifications

Notifications are sent for activities that happened within your workspace. For example a team members,

  • Left a notes on an organization or person.

  • Saved a chart.

  • Created a new cluster.

  • Updated an organization score.

Platform notifications
HolonIQ will send notifications about amazing new content, new features or major bug fixes.

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