You can check downloads in your Workspace Settings

Everytime you are downloading rows of data, there will be a message that lets you know how many download credits you are using and how many your account has left.

What's a download credit?

Downloading one line item (row) in the Insights Studio will use up one download credit. 10,000 download credits will allow you to download 10,000 rows of data in the Insights Studio.

A line item (row) can be information on an Organization, Deal, Signal or Person.

Purchase additional download credits

The first 10,000 rows are included in the Platform subscription. When you've reached your limit, additional 10,000 rows can be added for USD $10,000.
Email [email protected] or click the chat icon below to request a ‘download pack’.

A maximum of 20,000 rows can be downloaded within the course of an annual subscription.

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