The Scoring Fingerprint is a visual summary of you and your teams evaluation of an organization, person or country.

Your Rubric defines five weighted evaluation criteria scored out of 10. The Scoring Fingerprint plots each score from inside to outside, meaning the centre is defined as zero, middle is equal to five, while the outer line is equal to 10.

The score in the centre is a weighted score out of 100 based on the five individual criteria scores.

Your Personal Scores. The thick band outlines your scores. The small circles mark the criteria you can drag to change your scores as you learn more about the topic and change your evaluation.

Team Scores. The thin bands in the background identify the scores from other team members. They are intentionally not labelled to protect unbiased individual assessments in teams of 3 or more.

Colors. The bands are colored to match the criteria that has the highest score. When you setup your scoring Rubric, each criteria is assigned a color following the set sequence of blue, green, yellow, red, grey. This helps teams rapidly recognise and distinguish patterns across areas of evaluation.

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