Resolved Issues


  • Tags that show in search now only show for the current team and context.

  • If an org does not have a country defined, then the country area is left bank.


  • When Suggestions are shortlisted, the card no longer just disappears. Must be dismissed by the user to disappear.

  • Analyst Notes on the Dashboard now have a Shortlist button.

  • More links now have a Capital M and full stop.


  • Users can change the maximum number of results to analyze. This helps control speed and delay of large searches,

  • Region has been added to the Deal filters.

  • Region has been added to the People filters.

  • Fixed issue where Analytics was crashing if users hand-typed Clusters into the Organizations Search tab.


  • In 'Add to Cluster' overlay, users can now see which other clusters the item is already in. Will be refined in next release.

  • New instructions on Fork Cluster to help explain the feature.

  • New 'Remove' icon on the Organization Cards in the Organizations tab. Includes a new confirmation step before removal.

  • Cluster tags no longer appear twice (in different colors) on various HolonIQ curated cluster segments.

  • New Sub Type Items

  • Count of items in the cluster now appears bottom left

  • Cluster Cards now show the top 5 trending orgs within the cluster on the Card.


  • Organizations and People tabs for Regions and Countries now show all Organizations and People for that market when Trending is selected. Only Scored items are shown when Scored is selected however. 

  • New Sort order for Orgs and People of 'Alphabetical'

  • Small scoring radars show for people when sorted by Score but not for other sort orders.

  • Org scoring radars only show for my current team.

  • Developments tab now uses infinite scroll and not a Load More button.


  • The map is no longer auto-centering as you zoom around the world.

  • Fixed ecosystem maps crashing from time to time. Some issues remain.


  • Tags get an Overview tab to show the top content for that tag in one page

  • The shortlist drop down now only shows items you as a individual user have shortlisted

  • A user can delete a tag from their workspace.

  • Tags now show in the sidebar when visiting any tag screen

  • When editing a tag, the category is left blank unless defined by the user.


  • Organization cards get a new "+" icon to add an Organization to a Cluster from anywhere on the platform.

  • Users can now edit the Organization Scoring Rubric.

  • New Report button instructions

  • Investors and Deals now show two wide to save space.

  • Fixed Deals sometimes being duplicates in cards and list

  • Now add Signals from an Org page to link the signal with the org.


  • Users can now edit the People Scoring Rubric.

  • New Report button instructions

  • Similar people now show flags


  • Event shortlisting button now highlighting correctly when pressed. 

Analyst Notes

  • Shortlist icon moved to full right to be consistent. Added tooltips to buttons and basic layout fixes.

  • Fixed issue for moderators uploading Analyst notes.


  • Admins and moderators can now delete reports from the report detail page.


  • If signal sources date the news in the future, we now date the article at the exact time we received the signal. Some sources have dates in 2030 and 2050 or even weeks ahead.


  • Design changes to scoring fingerprints on organization and person cards, as well as profile pages.

Request Coverage

  • Users can now request HolonIQ's research team to add organizations, people, deals, reports, events, signals through the Submit feature.


  • Drop Down Workspace Menu shows in full, not scrollable.

  • New borders and disapearing scrollbar when not in use.

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