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Corporate Development and M&A
Corporate Development and M&A

Identify acquisition or partnership targets within an area of interest or new markets

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The Corporate Development and M&A Use Case is broken down into three broad steps.

  • Finding

  • Filtering, and

  • Funding

We will point you to resources to support each of the three stages.


To start the finding phase, you will have likely already developed a strategy or a thesis that is driving a certain focus.

Finding starts with making sure you have identified a large pool of potential candidates. Some of these will serve as benchmarks and others will serve as genuine targets, regardless - the more you can find the better.

Finding - Top-Down

Start by copying or forking existing clusters or searches from the Insights Studio. This approach will give you a large subset to start with that you can remove companies that dont fit the scope of the thematic.

Finding - Bottom-Up

Browse and explore and add companies to your personal shortlist or a workspace cluster as they meet your criteria.

Review recent deals, awards and other lists.


Now that you have a solid universe of companies, its time to work out.

We recommend using our scoring tools to filter. This will ensure a structured and data-driven approach that harnesses the insights across your team. This will also build knowledge inside your team on what you are looking for, how you evaluate risks and measure opportunities.



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