What is a rubric?
A Rubric is a scoring guide. Typically, a rubric consists of a few criteria used to score an object. On the HolonIQ platform, you can build your own Rubrics (with up to five criteria) to evaluate organizations, people and countries. This allows you to evaluate for a number of purposes including market entry (which countries score highest on our critiera for market entry?), investment or acquisition (which organizations score highest for our investment thesis?) or strategic procurement (which products score highest on our purchasing criteria?).

A scoring Rubric allows your team to assess an object on the same criteria and share those scores, enabling transparent and fast decision-making.

Step 1. Determine the criteria for assessment.

For each object (organization, country, people) agree on up to 5 criteria. For example, for scoring a country, you might allocate 30 points for market size, 30 points for GDP growth, 20 points for competition and 20 points for political stability.

Step 2. Weight the Criteria

On the HolonIQ platform, 100 points are allocated across up to 5 criteria, so you can weight each criteria according to how important they are to you.

Step 3. Develop indicators against the rating scale.

The team needs to have a consistent methodology and common understanding of your criteria. Write a description of each criteria, so your team are on the same page!

Where do I set up my Workspace Rubrics?

Go to your organization's Workspace (top menu bar at the left), use the tabs to select Organization, Person or Country scoring. Enter the Title, Description and Weighting of each criteria.

Once you've set up scoring Rubrics for your Workspace, you and your team can start Scoring items on the Platform.

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