Customize your Dashboard

How to curate all your favorite topics and groupings into collections in your Dashboard.

The Dashboard is your own customized mainframe bringing together all your highest priority topics and favorite shortcuts to greet you the moment you arrive onto

While your Workspace features shared Stars, Lists, Briefings, and Studio charts, your Dashboard is unique to you.

Customize widgets: Select 'Add Widgets' on your Dashboards page to add pre-set shortcuts and favorites.

Development collections: add your favorite Development searches all in one place by heading to any Development page (directly via Developments or as sub-headings under Markets, Clusters, or Lists) and click 'Add to Dashboard.'


Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 2.20.51 PM

The wider your screen, the more columns you will have to arrange your widgets. Every time you re-arrange your widgets, the dashboard will auto-save that layout.


Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 2.20.08 PM