Build Lists and Explore Workflow Tools

Powerful ways to share ideas and collaborate across your team.

One of the most popular ways to leverage HolonIQ is List building - it's an excellent way to screen and target potential partners or opportunities and track key players in a landscape.

Market Maps
Each Organization List has a tab titled 'Market Map'. Market Maps allow you to visually organize a market into sub-groups of similarity. Use HolonIQ's pre-built market maps or create your own categories.

The Kanban board is available for custom Lists of Organizations. You can create stages and move organizations along those stages to visualize progress, status or any other workflows. This is a great tool for building deal flows, narrowing down a list of organizations as you do discovery, or even segmenting organizations in your list into different groups.

Rate Organizations, People or Countries
The Ratings tool helps you and your team to prioritize, rank and target in a collaborative, transparent and data-driven way. Set up your Ratings Rubric where you can define your rating criteria and weighting.


You and your team can leave notes on Organization's and People's profiles and also attach documents. You'll receive a notification when a team member leaves a note.