Bookmark, Star, Following

Quickly return to your favorite items


Bookmarks are an easy way to keep track of items that are important to you. Look out for the ‘bookmark’ icon to filter for everything you've bookmarked in that category. Bookmarks are personal, they're just for you and not visible to anyone else.

You can Bookmark:


'Starring' is a simple and fast way to keep track of key entities that are most important to you so you can easily and efficiently return to them and connect them together.

This collaborative feature with up-vote capabilities ensures the right entities are easy to find and always on your team members' radar.

You can Star:

For personal items you want to be able to return to without adding more noise to your workspace, use Bookmarks. To stay in the know with all the latest updates on an entity, don't forget to Follow and trigger the daily email!


Following is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's important to you by triggering a daily update. The selections you follow are only visible to you.

Anywhere in the platform where you see an eyeball icon indicates something you can follow:

Next, if you click on the bell icon in the upper righthand corner of your screen, you will see the option to trigger a daily email. With this feature, you will get an email sent to your inbox with updates on anything that you're following throughout the platform. The bell icon is also where you can check for notifications for new updates on things you are following:

You can Follow:


There are 3 types of notifications

  • Following: New developments and deals associated to markets, lists, organizations and people you follow

  • Workspace: Updates on activities within your workspace. Eg. a team member,

    • left a notes on an organization or person.

    • saved a chart.

    • created a new list.

    • updated an organization score

  • Platform: Updates on changes to the platform (data you've submitted to be added and profiles you've reported to be checked).