Analyst Q&A Calls

Expert Q&A calls are half hour conversations with an expert from HolonIQ's Intelligence Unit

 These calls are included as part of each subscription tier with a set number available each year:

  • Expert - 1

  • Executive - 4

  • Insider - 8

  • Impact - 12

They offer the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and insights on topics, markets, and thematics that are most strategically important for your team. The can be used for a wide range of meeting types like team strategy sessions or boardroom discussions.

What to expect:

  • Q&A calls are structured as an informal discussion with one of our senior analysts or market experts

  • Once you identify a topic or area of interest, let your account manager know you'd like to schedule an Expert Q&A call

  • Your account manager will ask you to fill out a short form to gather a little more information about your topic as well as some logistical things such as preferred dates and who will be attending the call

  • Your account manager will then take this information back to the Intelligence Unit and confer with the team to see who might be the best fit for your topic of interest

  • We ask that clients please come to the call prepared with questions as that's how these calls best operate: as an open forum discussion